Learn the art of integrating mind, body & spirit.
Connect more deeply with yourself and others.


Live well. Ooze authentic gratitude. Eat what Mother Nature provides. Be vulnerable. Get messy. Express yourself. Receive bodywork. Say what you mean. Take nothing for granted. Give yourself permission. Move your body often. Give gifts. Go natural.
Forgive yourself. Accept failure. Pay attention. Listen to your body. Breathe deeply when it feels like too much. Welcome silence. Embrace the struggle. Get out of your own way. Take a risk. Scream. Give the finger. Slow down. Be less busy. Encourage acceptance.
Love all your parts. Fall down. Get up. Feel all the feelings. Ask for help.

I'll support you along the way
by incorporating therapeutic bodywork, integral counseling
& yogic traditions into a collaborative relationship.


Mission & Purpose

The world needs you and the unique gifts that you have to offer.
My goal is to support you in your process of self-realization as part of your spiritual growth. In our culture of disruption,
confusion and separation, it’s more important than ever to turn toward those aspects of ourselves that cause us to contract and separate; to cultivate courage
and curiosity to explore what holds us back, what gets in the way and to decide what the hell we’re gonna do about it in the face of uncertainty and ambiguity.

Through my training in bodywork, counseling and yoga combined with my personal experience of being alive, my hope is to create and hold space for you
to increase your ability to soften, expand and rest while assisting you in identifying opportunities for growth and development.
Ultimately, I want to inspire you to take better care of yourself in deep and meaningful ways through practice and ritual.

healing yourself will ask more of you

more rest
more self love
more letting go
more time for learning
more space for transformation
more honesty about how you feel
more time developing good habits
more courage to try new practices
more time cultivating your inner peace
more faith in yourself & the process
— yung pueblo

Spiritual Counseling
& Guidance

  Master of Arts, Integral Counseling Psychology, California Institute of Integral Studies in addition to two years of supervised counseling work with adult individuals. Currently developing a 10-week signature program to encourage deeper inquiry through mindful curiosity in support of uncovering what gets in the way
to greater spiritual health and wellness.

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Therapeutic Massage
& Bodywork

Founder and healing arts practitioner, with 15 years experience,
at The Blue Buddha, a San Francisco private practice
wellness studio a healing space for body, mind
& spirit. California Certification #2048. 
Studio located in the Lower Nob Hill
neighborhood of San Francisco.

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All photography by Erik Jude