A decade of experience:  Integrative. Therapeutic. Inspired.

Swedish Massage, Thai Yoga Bodywork, Reiki, Myofascial Release, Deep Tissue Massage
CranioSacral Therapy, Therapeutic Shiatsu, Tui Na, Ayurvedic Bodywork Traditions, Shiroabhyanga

I begin treatments by asking my clients "What do you need today?" Together we explore what feels stuck, tight, sore, painful or blocked in the body. In addition, we make space to gently include thoughts and feelings along with body sensations as a way to connect with our full experience. Science teaches us that our bodies experience life before our cognitive processes engage and translate life into thought and feeling. It's all connected. It's all part of you.

Engage & Get Curious

In order to connect the body-mind, we need to slow down and engage, get curious and listen to what our bodies might be communicating to us. This is where our relationship comes into play. I help you listen, engage and get curious about your body, mind and spirit as it collectively moves through this earthly life. Ask yourself: What am I holding onto and how does it influence my movement patterns and daily activities? What does this ache or pain say about my lifestyle? What is my role and responsibility in creating lasting change? I'll assist you softening, soothing, opening and stretching your body.


New clients often ask "What technique is that?" and I often reply "Erik's ten years!" My work is integrative. This means that I approach the body with my tool kit and take it from there. My intention is therapeutic and that almost always includes relaxation. Just because you drift off to sleep or ease into another state does not in any way negate that deep therapeutics are taking place. On the contrary, these are deeply restorative places and often part of the results of my work. And the treatment never ends when you get off the table. It continues as you exit the studio. Bodywork is impactful in ways we don't often give ourselves space or permission to notice. My work is inspired by Global Healing Traditions, cultures and modalities that have been using touch to facilitate healing and change long before the western spa culture created massage as a luxury as opposed to my holding of it; an integral part of your health & wellness practice.

Soft & Strong

If you tend to say to your bodywork practitioners in a first session phrases similar to "Don't worry you can't hurt me" or "I like really hard and really deep pressure" then I may not be the therapist for you. And there is someone for every-body. My approach is a combination of soft and strong. I may not get to some regions of your body because I discover a region that is desperate for attention. Unless of course in our conversation you need everything addressed and present no particular challenges or specific needs that day. In the strong moments, you'll communicate if any touch becomes uncomfortable.

The treatment table is like the yoga mat or a formal mindfulness practice. Breath and intention are integral. I encourage your breath awareness to become part of the session. It can be utilized when we move a restriction to the edge of comfort; breathe and soften. Begin setting an intention on your way to the studio. Invite mindfulness. Hold our time together as a practice.

The Blue Buddha

In 2010 I opened a small private practice wellness studio in Lower Nob Hill. Today, this is where I share space with a handful of other Healing Arts Practitioners who provide bodywork and/or acupuncture services. I created the space to reflect the Global Healing Traditions that have inspired my therapeutic massage & bodywork adventures. It's inspired by the Medicine Buddha and the concept of metta also regarded as loving kindness. Learn more about my studio by visiting www.sfbluebuddha.com.